Diabetes, Hormones & WeightEndocrinology Conditions & Treatments

We offer a number of different Diabetes & Endocrinology services. Below are some, but not all, of the services that we provide. If you have a question about a specific service that is not listed here please contact us at +91 082917 13280

Weight Management Program

Comprehensive 3 months program that blends Endocrinology, Metabolism, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Fitness solutions to help you manage your weight through a healthier lifestyle.

Type 2 Diabetes Management

Our multidisciplinary team works with you to provide a balanced, scientific medical treatment plan along with lifestyle changes that addresses diabetes at the root level.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

We focus on treating PCOS at its source: lifestyle change plays the major role. We focus on hormone assessment, medication management, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction.

Type 1 Diabetes Management

We work with you to convert insulin prescriptions to more physiologic dosing patterns and use carbohydrate counting as the preferred method to calculate boluses for carbohydrate intake.

Diabetes Self Management

Diabetes Self Management (DSM) focuses on the health knowledge, emotional concerns, skill, and ability necessary for diabetes self-care.


We treat all forms of thyroid disease including hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s (positive thyroid antibodies), Thyroid nodules, Goiter Thyroid cancer, Thyroid in pregnancy.

Gestational Diabetes

We aim for tight control of glucose levels before and during pregnancy, to increase chances of a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy, delivery and healthy baby.

Mindful Eating

This is an 8 week workshop based on the award winning program from the US “Am I Hungry?” with additional content added by Dr Roshani.

Insulin Pumps & Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM)

CGM provides useful information and insights about how medication, food and exercise are affecting your blood glucose levels so that necessary adjustments can be made.

Videos from Our TeamEducation

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