Aasaan Type 2 Diabetes Reversal ProgramType 2 DIABETES REVERSAL

Aasaan Health Solutions has a proven model for type 2 diabetes reversal. By reversal, we mean, reducing the need for medication and/or insulin through lifestyle changes including intermittent fasting under medical supervision. Our experts in endocrinology, metabolism, hormonal balance, insulin resistance, nutrition and naturopathy work with you to support you at every step of lifestyle change.
Most of our patients achieve blood sugar control while removing medications like insulin, often in a matter of weeks. Often, doses of other medications also come down during the intense phase of the program. During the intense phase, we work with our clients in detail over 3 months on habit and behaviour change, providing hacks and solutions for every step of the process.

Aasaan Type 2 Diabetes Reversal ProgramWHO IS IT FOR

The program is applicable to anyone who has pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes who wants to reverse it through lifestyle change to be on as little medicine / insulin as possible.

Aasaan Type 2 Diabetes Reversal ProgramWHAT YOU GET

Medical Consultation

In-person and/or digital consultation with endocrinologist Dr Roshani Sanghani to review medical history and prescriptions with the aim of de-prescribing wherever medically appropriate. 

Nutrition Management

Personalisation of menu suggestions based on your dietary needs (allergies, vegan, keto, vegetarian, Eggetarian, Jain, non-vegetarian etc)

Continuous Care and Support

Private chat support with the entire team including the Medical doctor and Naturopath doctor

Guided Education

Online education with a structured curriculum on a learning management platform with videos, strategies to travel smart. troubleshooting for challenges like weddings, sudden stress, sickness etc.

Aasaan Type 2 Diabetes Reversal ProgramWHAT BEYOND DIABETES MANAGEMENT?

Many of our patients have experienced additional benefits


Inch loss


Improved energy


Improved immunity


Better digestion


Reduced allergies


Regularisation of menstrual cycles in women


Healthier, clearer, brighter skin


Improved sexual function


Increased confidence to self manage diabetes in any situation

Aasaan Type 2 Diabetes Reversal ProgramHEAR FROM OUR PATIENTS