Sports nutrition is the foundation of athletic success! We custom design sports nutrition plans that allow active, fit adults and athletes to perform at their best.

The goals of our six months long program include:
  • Gaining lean mass
  • Improving body composition,
  • Reduction of body fat %
  • Enhancing athletic performance


The three months comprehensive phase follows this general outline.

Week 0-3:
  • Reducing carbs, processed foods
  • Getting protein to target based on dietary preference: vegetarian, eggetarian, non-vegetarian, we work with your needs and provide recipe suggestions that work for you
  • No rigid diet plans given. Every athlete knows that consistency matters more than perfection when pursuing results. We know that a sustainable long term approach needs to be created from your current starting point.
  • Hydration, salt and electrolyte balance
  • Nutritional assessment and goals without obsessive calorie counting
Week 4-7:
  • Healthy fats
  • Mindfulness, awareness vof hunger, fullness, appetite
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Working out in the fasted state
  • Based on intensity of workouts and individual goals, we may suggest protein supplements, branched chain amino acids, casein, MCT oil/powder
  • We can work with you on nutritional ketosis based on individual goals
Week 8-12:
  • We will be glad to discuss with your trainer or physiotherapist about how to intensify your workouts
  • Increasing workout intensity in fasted state to enhance natural growth hormone effect
  • Sleep hygiene


The three months support phase includes:

  • Private individual 1:1 chat support on Telegram with Dr Roshani and Dr Trishala
  • Monthly group education online sessions hosted by Dr Roshani on Zoom
  • Access to Fasting support community on Telegram moderated by Dr Roshani and Dr Trishala
  • Email review of blood reports with Dr Roshani at the end of 6 months