Aasaan Health Solutions is a multidisciplinary center where state of the art Endocrinology, Diabetes, Metabolism & Hormone related medical solutions are supported by physiotherapy, nutrition and psychological care to empower people towards healthier lifestyles and preventive medicine.

At Aasaan Health Solutions we believe in finding solutions at the root level. All health specialists practice evidence based medicine with focus on improving the quality of care. High priority is given to understanding the patient’s barriers to change. improvement. The center is built on the principles of using education,  motivation and empowerment to help patients make informed choices and lifestyle changes.

Our FounderThe team has years of clinical expertise and is committed to make things easier for you

Dr. Roshani Sanghani
Dr. Roshani Sanghani is a US board certified Endocrinologist, and has over 15 years of clinical experience. She uses education, motivation and empowerment to help her patients make lifestyle changes. This often results in less medication while still achieving better overall health.

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