Aasaan Health Solutions offers programs to reverse type 2 diabetes and other chronic metabolic/hormonal conditions through sustainable lifestyle change and less medication. We strive to empower people towards healthier lifestyles and preventive medicine.

At Aasaan Health Solutions we believe in finding solutions at the root level. All health specialists practise evidence-based medicine with a focus on improving the quality of care. High priority is given to understanding the patient’s barriers to change. improvement. The center is built on the principles of using education, motivation and empowerment to help patients make informed choices and lifestyle changes.

Our FounderThe team has years of clinical expertise and is committed to make things easier for you

Dr. Roshani Sanghani
Dr. Roshani Sanghani is a US board certified Endocrinologist, and has over 15 years of clinical experience. She uses education, motivation and empowerment to help her patients make lifestyle changes. This often results in less medication while still achieving better overall health.

TestimonialsWhat our patients have to say

I am type 1 diabetic since 6 years, and after consulting Dr.Roshani and Dr.Trishala and their team, I have been living a normal healthy life. They helped me with an entire lifestyle change with patience and understanding my food preferences. Dr.Trishala, has been really supportive and can’t think of anyone else when it comes to diabetes management. She is the best. Thanks to the team and Dr. Roshani for constant support and helping me manage this seamlessly. My levels are controlled and I am loving it🙏 Blessed to have them.

Neha Varma

I visited Dr Roshani for my Hormonal imbalance which was causing PCOS and irregular mensuration cycle. Instead of giving medicine, Dr guided me toward the right Diet and healthy lifestyle. I could see the difference even in one month. My mensuration cycle is regular now. I feel healthy and happiness inside me. I am thankful to doctor for making my life medicine free. My mom was having Hypothyroid. I was worried about her overweight and unhealthy diet. I took my mom to visit Dr Roshani. She guided my mom in such a good way that now she is following a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle which in turn making her healthy and happy. Thank you, Doctor, for guiding us toward medicine-free healthy and happy life

Verified Patient - Practo - March 2020

3 months back I discovered I had diabetes and my HBA1C count was 12 today after 3 months with the compassionate guidance of Dr Roshani’s clinic my count is 6.2 which I am sure will be less than 5. In my next 3 months of testing. My Great gratitude to dr Roshani and her wonderful team. Anyone with diabetes should consider treatment under her guidance

Suresh Soni

Hello everyone, We had a wonderful Experience with Aasaan Health Solutions in reversing my father's diabetes. Team Aasaan Health is amazing in hospitality. We feel like family when they meet and great us. For the first time, we came across a great and talented Dr Roshni Sanghani , who cures patients by lifestyle change and thereby cutting on the doses of medicines. Thank you, doctor, for showing us the path towards a healthy lifestyle and thereby making our life full of Happiness & Good Health.

Aparna Thakur

Hi, I am diabetic since 2011, have taken treatment from 2-3 diabetologist but there was no improvement. Consulted Dr. Roshani on April'19, in the first meeting the way she explained the importance of lifestyle, diet and mindset was an eye-opener for me. So got into 3 months Diabetes Reversal Program. The course of the program is well designed and the manner in which the team tracks the development in highly appreciated. Have completed the program with Hb1ac reduced. Have lost weight in the right places, energy level has improved, self-confidence has increased and moreover, my family is happy since I am happy. All thanks to Dr. Roshani and team. Hats off to you.

Kadambari G - August 2019

A year back 3 bariatric surgeons suggested me for gastric bypass but meeting Dr. Roshani changed my mindset about eating the right food. I lost 15 kgs in 10 months , as I could visit her only once. Thank god I met her. She is very honest. One stop solution to diabetes, weight problems,hormonal issues.My family's eating mindset has changed too after meeting her. She is my saviour and I would suggest everyone to take maximum benefit of her knowledge.


Due to unhealthy eating habits and a stressful lifestyle, I suffered from irregular periods from the very onset. I was obese and a sedentary lifestyle made it even more difficult to lose weight. I used to rely on medicines to get my periods on time. I suffered from bloating and acidity too. However, Dr. Roshani encouraged me to make lifestyle changes and got me into the habit of mindful eating. Without prescribing a single medicine, she helped me lose weight, by making slight modifications to my diet. Initially, I was a bit reluctant in making any kind of changes in my diet. But, as I tried them, I could feel the difference and I continued. Now, after 5 months, I have not only managed to lose a few kilos of weight but my periods are also regular. I feel blessed to have met her and her team. They radiate positivity, really care for their patients, and always motivate them to achieve what seems impossible. I am forever grateful to Dr. Roshani for introducing me to a healthy lifestyle. Thank you, Dr. Roshani!


Dr. Roshani Sanghani is one of the most honest and helpful doctors I have consulted with, she has changed my diet and medicines and over a period of four months, my average diabetes count has reduced from 8 to 7. I attended the Diabetes Management class conducted by Dr.Roshani and follow all her instructions. I thank her for the assistance, I feel more energetic and happy.


I met Dr. Roshani on 21st August 2018 and joined diabetes reversal program. After following her instructions on diet, in three months my tablets are stopped and sugar levels are normal. I am seeing these levels for the first time in the last six years. Today I feel fit and have very high energy levels. Dr. Roshani and her team have been extremely supportive. Doctor Roshani demonstrates with guidance that diabetes is certainly curable. I strongly recommend that each one having diabetes should meet her and get rid of this disease. I am truly greatful to Dr. Roshani for introducing me to a new way of living a happy and healthy life. Thanks a million. Manoj Gajendragadkar.

Manoj Gajendragadkar