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My Perfect Weight!

“I have so much fat on me- I’ve lost 10 kilos and I’m down to 38 kilos but it’s still not enough. There’s so much more to lose–I like the little bit of bone that’s showing–my collar bone looks defined–I should keep this up. It’s working.”

“I hope I’ve not eaten too much today so it doesn’t show on the scale tomorrow – I really controlled myself and only ate the 600 calories but wait– there were those extra 3 bites of pasta, so I’m at 650 calories. That’ll take me 1.5 hours at the gym to burn off.”

“I hope I don’t have to go out to dinner today with family. That’s too many calories. I’ll tell them I ate at home so then I can eat only the amount I can afford.”

This is a personal account of someone who has journeyed through feeling fat while she was medically underweight. Such a journey is very unique and complex for each individual. At Aasaan Health Solutions, we provide support for those who are going through such similar experiences, towards a road for recovery. 

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Sleep and Hormones

World Sleep Day was March 17th. Did you sleep well that night? How about last night? How often do you wake up in the morning saying “Wow, that was a great night’s sleep! I feel energized and ready to start my day?”

I treat people with hormone imbalance. That includes people with slowing metabolism, chronic fatigue, weight problems, diabetes and sleep.

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Diabetes and Diet

Once diagnosed with diabetes, many people feel their life becomes very restricted.

Our expert Dr. Roshani Sanghani, an expert endocrinologist has a different approach towards diabetes.

We got a chance to know her views through this quick chat about the most commonly discussed topic- Eating sweets in diabetes!

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Mindful Eating

Everyday we’re on the search for a new super food, a diet food, a sugar free or low fat food, a diabetic food and the list goes on. We’re so obsessed with “everlasting diets” that claim to make us lose ten kilos in one month… but wait, has this ever actually worked- and lasted? Don’t we just yo-yo back to our original weight (or worse, gain more than we had lost)?

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