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Dr. Roshani Sanghani

Dr. Roshani is a US board certified Endocrinologist, and has over 15 years of clinical experience. She uses education, motivation and empowerment to help her patients make lifestyle changes. This often results in less medication while still achieving better overall health.

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Dr. Rajani Patil

Dr. Rajani Patil is a Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Specialist with 16 years of extensive hands-on experience at evaluating and treating spine, sports and ergonomics related issues. Her treatment philosophy is to give tools for continued good health.

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Dr. Aarti Javeri

ABOUT Dr. Aarti Javeri is certified by the Royal College of Physicians of the UK in the field of General Medicine and Endocrinology & Diabetes. She has been trained as one of the two “Am I Hungry? ®” Mindful Eating facilitators in India to help...

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Aasaan Health Solutions is a multidisciplinary center where state of the art Endocrine medical solutions are supported by physiotherapy, nutrition and psychological care to empower people towards healthier lifestyles and preventive medicine. At Aasaan Health Solutions we believe in finding solutions at the root level. All health specialists practice evidence based medicine with focus on improving the quality of care. High priority is given to understanding the patient’s barriers to change. improvement. The center is built on the principles of using education,  motivation and empowerment to help patients make informed choices and lifestyle changes.

Our services

Services at a glance
  • Weight Management Program

    This is a comprehensive 3 months program that blends Endocrinology, Metabolism, Physiotherapy, Nutrition and Fitness solutions to help you manage your weight through a healthier lifestyle.

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

    We focus on treating PCOS at its source: lifestyle change plays the major role. We focus on hormone assessment, medication management, nutrition, exercise and stress reduction.

  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring

    CGM provides tremendously useful information and insights about how medication, food and exercise are affecting your blood glucose levels.

  • Thyroid Treatment

    We treat all forms of thyroid disease including hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s (positive thyroid antibodies), Thyroid nodules, Goiter Thyroid cancer, Thyroid in pregnancy

  • Type 1 Diabetes

    This group consists of people living with type 1 diabetes themselves or people who live with someone with type 1 diabetes.

  • Mindful Eating

    This is an 8 week workshop based on the award winning program from the US “Am I Hungry?” with additional content added by Dr Roshani.

  • Gestational Diabetes / Diabetes in Pregnancy

    We aim for tight control of glucose levels before and during pregnancy, to increase chances of a healthy uncomplicated pregnancy, delivery and healthy baby.

  • Diabetes Prevention

    If you have pre-diabetes, a history of gestational diabetes or a family history of diabetes, we can work with you to optimize your health.

What our patients have to say

Our goal is to make YOUR health Aasaan
  • Doctor was very helpful, straight-forward and used no shortcuts of pills. Her approach is holistic and is more about long-lasting well-being than short-term symptom control. Highly recommended.

    Shayista Vaishnav
  • Dr Roshani is one of the few doctors I’ve come across who will give you all the time you need to understand your condition, symptoms, treatment plan and management. A very passionate Dr who chooses to go down to the root level in a truly holistic way. I wholeheartedly recommend visiting her for any hormonal imbalances and definitely diabetes. Super clinic and very positive approach of all involved.

    Dipanjali Motwani
  • Dr. Roshani instills confidence in her patients that diabetes can be reversed. My brother and I are extremely lucky to have been treated by her. I recommend this doctor to anyone suffering from diabetes with the utmost belief that she will put them on the right track!

    Mr. Angelo Rodrigues
  • Actually Dr. Roshani is not only a doctor but she is like a FRIEND, PHILOSOPHER AND GUIDE for me. She is friendly and polite and perfectly explained the solutions in detail.

    Since last one and a half year I am taking advice and the prescribed treatment has been effective

    Yogeshwar Chandak
  • Having completed the 8-week Mindful Eating Workshop with Dr. Roshani Sanghani, one feels a sense of liberation! From being constantly on diet-control, deprivation, restrictions to being in-charge of one’s own mind, body, heart and spirit. This is a wholesome program – it deals not only with eating habits, nutrition and exercise, but also with the right attitude required to make a lifestyle change in a positive way.
    I enrolled with the goal of “weight-loss” but the program has delivered lot more to me. I have been able to overcome time-bound eating due to fear of acidity, I am experiencing a positive change in my roles and relationships with my husband and children – which I realized was all a function of the negative restrictions that the diets imposed on me. I highly recommend this program to each one who is looking for a better quality life

    Smriti Goenka
  • It was an amazing experience. One that finally gave me answers about my illness after 10 years of being in the dark. It has restored my faith and has given me hope that things will get better not because someone said it will but because this Amazing doctor and her team showed me exactly what I need to do so I can be free of all my problems. They’re brilliant!

    Amanda Miller